Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2015
Exhibition at Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt
14th - 18 th October 2015


Teaching of…

21st May 2015, HGB Leipzig, 6.30 pm

mit Text- und Bildbeiträgen von Tina Bara, Joachim Brohm, Philip Gaißer, Torsten Hattenkerl, Susanne Huth, Annette Kisling, Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Michael Mauracher, Christina Natlacen, Peter Piller, Anna Voswinckel u.a.

Über die Lehre in der Fotografie


has been nominated for the German Photobook Prize 2015

Cheap business cards sent Susanne Huth on the trail of a flourishing international trade: selling cars in upcoming cities in West Africa, cars that would be worth next to nothing on the German second-hand car market. Without committing herself to a chronological documentation, Susanne Huth's photographs taken at the shipping location in Hamburg give us an exact picture of the transfer procedure: the shabby slab building that houses the logistics firm, the transport lists and route maps, the rows of cars against a backdrop of loading cranes, the view through the car window of the interior that is used as an additional hold to accommodate more goods. (Susanne Holschbach)

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